Personal Lifts

Early in the company’s history, Bob Popp took notice of the changing architecture and the difficulty in safely cleaning the new designs. Aerial lifts became necessary to clean many areas of the new and uniquely-shaped commercial office buildings. Initially, Bob Popp was forced to rent aerial lifts to clean these difficult to clean buildings. The lifts were not always well maintained and there were several shortcomings with rental lifts, the following being just a few:

  • They were often splattered with paint.
  • They were more for exterior construction, so the size of the footprint, and the weight, did not make them conducive to tight fits, or inside use.
  • They were not always available when needed.

Due to the above concerns, Bob Popp started purchasing new lifts with the following concerns in mind:

  • Able to fit in tight spaces, (most will fit through a standard door).
  • Moderate weight, to avoid harm to landscaping, pavers, and finished floors.
  • Able to run for extended periods of time on electricity.

To be able to efficiently and safely transport these lifts, Bob Popp purchased several new trucks and hired or trained drivers to meet the legal standards for driving these larger trucks.