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Parking Lot Maintenance

Bob Popp Building Services include:

Proper preventative maintenance to parking structures, garages and lots help to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs while keeping the areas clean for tenants and customers.

Power Scrubbing

The advantage to power scrubbing over power washing is that the scrubber picks up the water it lays down. With scrubbing, there are no parking garage drains being plugged, because the water and debris is sucked into the scrubber.

Power Sweeping

Bob Popp Building Services, Inc. has the ability to sweep commercial surface and garage parking lots using our fleet of air and curb sweepers. Dirt, small rocks, leaves and debris are swept up by our machines and transported off site for disposal. This work is provided after hours, so building tenants are not inconvenienced.

Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is a cost-effective means of increasing “curb appeal” to potential and current tenants. A freshly restriped parking lot is like a flashing beacon saying, “this property is well maintained.”

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