About Us

Bob Popp Building Services, Inc. was founded by Bob Popp as Bob Popp Window Cleaning Company in 1975.

Bob Popp started cleaning windows to work his way through college, graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in 1973, being the first college graduate in his family, as well as an NCAA National Champion gymnast.

In 1975, he knew he wanted to be in charge of his own destiny. He wanted to be responsible for his own success, or failure. He kicked around several names for his company. He decided to put his name on the company that would become his life-long passion.

He borrowed $2,000.00 from his parents, put a down payment on a new GMC truck, and hired two friends who had cleaned windows with him previously. One of those friends, is still with the company as a supervisor.

In 1976 a customer asked Bob to plow the snow at a small office building he owned. Bob bought a new Jeep with a snow plow, and entered the snow removal business.

In 1977 to reflect the growth of the company, and its expanding services, the company name was changed to Bob Popp Building Services, Inc.

In 1985 Bob purchased his first parking lot maintenance equipment, and started sweeping, power washing, power scrubbing, and parking lot striping.

Over the years caulking and wet sealing have been added, and are showing great growth potential.

Bob Popp founded this company with two ideas that have made it prosper, stand the test of time, and keep it relevant for the future:

Hire and Retain Quality Employees

  1. Pay employees a competitive wage
  2. Provide employees and dependents with affordable healthcare
  3. Provide no cost life insurance to employees
  4. Provide uniforms, including warm winter gear
  5. $500.00 emergency loans
  6. Provide consistent and frequent safety training
  7. All supervisors are promoted from within

Continuously Purchase and Maintain Equipment

  1. All company vehicles are purchased new
  2. All window cleaning equipment is purchased new and continuously safety checked, and destroyed if found to be potentially unsafe.
  3. All parking lot maintenance equipment is purchased new and continuously safety checked.
  4. Three highly skilled full-time mechanics on staff.

At the end of 2012, Bob Popp turned 62 and decided that he would like to work less than 60 hours per week, so Mario Rocha was promoted to General Manager of the company.

Mario Rocha has also enjoyed his share of the American Dream. After several years working for window cleaning companies across the country, Mario joined the Bob Popp team in August of 1990, as a window cleaner. His experience, work ethic, and character were immediately noticed.

Mario requested a transfer to the sweeping division, and after a short time was promoted to Manager of the Sweeping and Snow Removal divisions.

When Bob needed help, Mario, who is well respected by employees as well as customers, was a sound choice.